Virtual Reality Product launch

Client Audi
Concept partner PON Digital Innovation Lab

Discover features of the Audi Q2 model in Virtual Reality

We developed a high-end Virtual Reality (VR) experience, including a car configurator, that was aligned with the Audi campaign, but also with the customer needs.

VR allowed the user to first experience the vehicle in a unique setting: an old warehouse that is also used in the Audi Q2 commercials. After this introduction, the visitors can modify the vehicle to their own wishes. Together with Audi, our specialists designed detailed and photo-realistic 3D models, that in full detail showed both the interior and exterior of the vehicles.

The result: a unique experience that allows both brands (Audi) and dealers (PON) to digitally connect with customers in a virtual setting


About PON Automotive

PON holds a strong position in the (luxury) car brand and commercial vehicle markets, as well as in many new mobility services. PON is market leader in a large number of markets. The company represent car brands, including Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, and luxury car brands, including Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini, in Europe. Pon Mobility Services & Retail is a market leader in many new mobility services in the Netherlands, including MAAS (Mobility As A Service), connected cars, smart mobility service cards, car-and bicycle sharing.


Key benefits

enhanced customer engagement

The user can configure and experience an Audi Q2 in a unique way. This non-linear experience ensures that the customer can interact in a fully realistic VR environment, getting acquainted in a playful manor with all the options the car has to offer.

location-independent pop-up store

The VR set allows to showcase the vehicle in unique locations (e.g. a pop-up store in a city center rather than a traditional dealer) and at unique timings (e.g. immediate after the car launch). This digital presentation fully reduces these traditional limitations.

Social Sharing

During the VR experience, a digital picture is taken; not only from the configured Audi Q2, but also from the user with a VR headset on. This integrated picture can be shared on all common social media platforms.



•   HTC Vive setup for optimal immersive experience

•   Room Scale VR tracking

•   Custom designed controllers for interactivity with an 'Audi' touch

•   Custom made artwork for photorealistic VR

•   High-end PC compatibility to ensure non-breaking Real Time Rendering experience