Product Information Enrichment

Strategic development partner ISAAC

A.I. driven Product Information Management

We develop tools and algorithms that automatically merge data sources, validate product information, and classify products. Visual recognition technology is used to extract product features from images and pre-fill data fields to speed up the process and assure consistency for product discoverability.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence driven product information management saves time, reduces costs and opens up personalisation and tailored solutions.


Key Benefits

Speed-up filling process

Reduce product onboarding process from minutes to seconds, allowing faster time to market, better consistency and a broader selection for your customers at the same or lower cost.

product feature Enrichment

Move beyond supplier provided information like available sizes or brands. Allow customers to search for new terms, styles, visual features, real similarity and complementarity. Product information that matches how customers search leads to increased discoverability, higher conversion, and lower returns.



•   Automated product feature classification

•   Flexible architecture for multiple data sources

•   Image recognition for feature extraction

•   Continuously self-improving (AI)

Continuous improvement

The Artificial Intelligence driven Product Information Management solution easily integrates product information from various providers. Connecting multiple data sources increases accuracy and product information enrichment. We are continually improving the Artificial Intelligence models to optimise results that create business value.


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