Behaviour anomaly detection

Client Stichting Incident Management Nederland
Data provider partner Flitsmeister


To reduce traffic jams, we developed and continuously improve an integrated Artificial Intelligence system that uses floating car data to rapidly detect accidents. The self-learning algorithm promptly notifies tow truck dispatchers to clear the roads quickly. This reduces the total duration of traffic jams by 30 to 50 hours each month.


About Stichting Incident Management

Stichting Incident Management Nederland manages a collective of alarm centres and tow truck dispatchers to handle road incidents on the Dutch highways. This amounts to over 100.000 accidents every year.


Key benefits

traffic jam reduction

Our Artificial Intelligence solution ensures that tow trucks are dispatched faster, reducing the total duration of traffic jams in the Netherlands by 30 to 50 hours per month.

operational excellence

Incident-type and driving behaviour insights help incident managers and traffic planners to optimise their workflow. Tow trucks are sent out with the correct equipment and capacity.

workload distribution

Floating car data enables faster and more accurate accident detection. This speeds up the efforts of trained professionals and reduces the response time of emergency services and tow trucks.



•   Real-time monitoring and anomaly detection

•   High precision, outperforming professionals

•   Flexible architecture for multiple data sources

•   Parallel models for different traffic aspects

•   Continuously self-improving (AI)

Continuous improvement

The Artificial Intelligence solution developed easily integrates floating car data from various providers. Connecting multiple data sources will increase accuracy and reduce response time even further. We are continually improving the Artificial Intelligence models to optimise results.


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