Visual search & find

Snap a sneaker you like and find similar SNEAKERS or the exact same one!

With our visual search and find consumers can easily find the products they like. By making a single photo our algorithms can find the exact product and/or similar products based on type, colour, shape, and materials. Visual search and find increases conversion rates, generates content, reveals customer insights and is applicable to different product categories.


Key benefits


Marketing & Sales

This easy and innovative search tool will increase brand engagement, direct consumers to preferred channels and increases reach through social and (monitored) user-generated content. Sales and conversion rates also increases and return rates will be lower since customers expectations will be met.

Customer Insights

Understanding what kind of images users snap provides elaborate customer profiling and insights on behaviour. Learn about their preferences, environment and lifestyle to spot opportunities and optimise marketing efforts.

3D Asset Generation

3D visualisation techniques are used to feed our algorithms as the accuracy of our solution depends on AI training material. Furthermore, the captured and generated products in 3D can be used for marketing and possibly replace product photography.


Our solution is developed to scale with clients, their assortment, usage and across industries. On top of a low-entry integration fee, we apply a pay-per-use value based revenue model. We grow with our clients while our algorithms get smarter.


  • Fine-grained recognition and similarity matching

  • Runs on Mobile and/or Server side

  • Single frame accuracy of 92%

  • Build to scale

  • Self-improving (artificial intelligence)

In development

  • SDK for easy app integration

  • Product auto-classification for PIM

  • Knock-off detection

  • Wear & tear detection for product ageing

  • 3D asset product repository


beyond footwear

Visual search & find is also easily applicable to other product categories such as leather goods, watches and eyewear. Applying the solution to different categories will generate customer insights across domains.


Experience yourself

We gladly invite you to a presentation of the visual search & find demonstrator as well as our other solutions. Please leave your mail so we can set up an appointment.