3D online configurator

Client Signify
Strategic development partner ISAAC

Engaging customers with personalised and configurable lamps

For Signify’s online configurator called Philips MyCreation, we developed the 3D rendered parts of the hanging lights. Thanks to the detailed 3D models, consumers can view the lamps from different angles and in great detail. Over 7 million fixtures can be configured, and are visible in real-time as a 3D model.


About Signify

Signify, the world leader in lighting and formerly known as Philips Lighting, has lamps and fixtures for all lighting needs in and around the household and office space. With the launch of Philips MyCreation, Signify presents a unique proposition for B2C: personalised, 100% recyclable 3D-printed hanging lamps that can be purchased on demand, with just a few mouse clicks. Signify thus creates a new, disruptive business model in which the producer sells directly to consumers.


Key benefits

Customer engagement

With just a few mouse clicks, consumers can easily, and 24/7 create the most personal hanging lamp that matches their style.

Industry 4.0

With the launch of Philips MyCreation, Signify uses the capabilities of distributed manufacturing to attend the on-demand and personal needs of customers.


Signify’s B2C proposition focuses on sustainability by using 100% recyclable materials and lowering the CO2 footprint with local manufacturing technologies.



•   Scalable 3D models

•   Layered photorealistic renders

•   Light integration

•   Full webshop functionality


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