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Last update: July 2019

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In this way, PTTRNS.AI informs you about the personal data that processes in the context of the visitor administration tool.

Why requires personal data for the appointment? processes personal data to schedule the appointment and to ensure that it runs smoothly. Upon arrival, you must register at the reception of Registration is necessary so that knows who you are, with whom you have an appointment and what room you have the meeting. and any emergency services providers also need to know who is at at what point in time in the event of unforeseen calamities and to be able to monitor ours and your safety and properties. wishes to make the registration process as easy as possible. To that end uses a tool that automates this process: the Visitor Administration Tool.

How does the Visitor Administration Tool work?

If you accept the email invitation for the appointment at, we know that you will register at a particular time. The Visitor Administration Tool then searches the Internet for a public profile photo of you. This is a profile photo you have placed on the Internet yourself, for example, on social media, or at your company website. Your profile photo is temporarily stored in a database. At the reception of, you will find a tablet with a camera. With facial recognition software, which that links to the database, you are registered at automatically. When you leave the building, you can check out with the same action.

Which personal data does PTTRNS.AI need and how does PTTRNS.AI obtain them?

To schedule the appointment as such, requires your name, email address, information about the company you work for and any other contact details you may have. You have provided with this information yourself. You are not obliged to provide this information, but if you do not provide the information, this can hamper the successful course of the appointment. needs your profile photo to automatically register via the Visitor Administration Tool when you visit the building for the first time. retrieves your profile picture from (websites of) third parties.

On which basis does PTTRNS.AI process these personal data?

Your name, email address, details of the company you work for and any other contact details are required by to (be able to) perform an agreement with you. needs your profile photo to enable you to register for the appointment via the Visitor Administration Tool. The latter serves the legitimate interests of, namely the interests of to make it as easy as possible for its guests to register.

Can I also register with PTTRNS.AI without the Visitor Administration Tool?

Yes, you can. If you object to the processing of your data via the Visitor Administration Tool, you can report this to Upon receipt of your report, will remove your profile photo from its database.

Is there more information about the processing of personal data?

In this privacy statement, we gave you information about the processing of personal data that relates explicitly to making and confirming appointments with by email.

General information about the processing of personal data by can you find in the privacy policy. There you will find information about who exactly is and how to contact, the retention periods of personal data, your rights, security measures taken by, possible transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU or possible disclosure of personal data to third parties and about other processing purposes and processing principles.