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On Monday, July 8, was live in Let’s Talk Business on New Business Radio. Presenter Ron Lemmens talked for an hour with Marco van Herpen and Jelle Stienstra about the services of and their vision on market developments and technology. Martijn van Rooy (Founder of Parfumado) also joined the broadcast and talked about the business value of the perfume recommender, developed and integrated by Listen to the podcasts!

Personalisation and interaction with the consumer helps companies to discover patterns in their data about consumers and business processes. By focusing on the consumer, including digital expectations and search behaviour, develops solutions with cutting edge technology. Using these solutions makes interaction with consumers, more personal and hyper-personalisation is realised. In the interview, Marco and Jelle explain what hyper-personalisation entails. They tell why it is more than AI-driven understanding and matching consumers and assortments. There is also another vital component: interaction with consumers.

Personal perfume recommendation using AI

The fast-growing European perfume subscription service Parfumado is entering the perfume industry in a revolutionary way. Parfumado introduces consumers to more than 350 brand perfumes every month and has also been using a unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm, developed with, for several months now.

The AI-driven perfume recommender specifically recommends three perfumes to Parfumado users. In a scent quiz, consisting of seven lifestyle questions, information is collected that creates a unique scent profile of the consumer. The engine recommends based on that profile and data about odours and fragrance families. The algorithm also learns from customer reviews, making it stronger and being able to make more targeted recommendations. At the moment, 84% of the recommendations are spot on, and the perfume recommender delivers essential value to customer engagement, says Martijn van Rooy of Parfumado.

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