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about us

We develop and integrate cutting edge A.I. solutions, engaging experiences, seamlessly integrated to accelerate digital business innovation & transformation

We do this with 25+ specialists in 3D visualisation, interaction design, business strategy, data science, machine and deep learning.

We have launched our scale-up in May 2019 after merging two startups specialised in developing Artificial Intelligence and high-end Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

We observe that the way people explore, shop and interact with the digital world is changing rapidly. Understanding, acting upon their behaviours and desires, digitally, is key for business.

We believe that people benefit from customised and personalised experiences, services and products that fit their lifestyle. It is our mission to help our clients to become human-centric digital frontrunners.

We empower our clients by developing and integrating cutting edge -software as a service - solutions that accelerate process digitalisation, activate intelligence, captivate interactivity and realise personalisation.


Core capabilities

Data science

Data-driven value creation. Streamlined data preparation and processing to unlock business relevant patterns of human behavior. Turning data into actionable intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Training and modeling of machine learning, and in particular deep learning, algorithms. Visual recognition, automation and prediction at scale.

3D visualisation

Virtual and Augmented Reality development, modelling and design to deliver high-end interactive solutions that captivate brand and customer experiences.

Design thinking

Strategically unites business relevancy, cutting edge technology and digital customer behaviors. Used to assure relevancy, viability, feasiblity and desirablity.


Development Approach


Discover and co-define solution space to drive business value

We strategically understand the challenges of our clients and find strategic fit through design thinking for innovation


Prepare to learn and validate impact, rapidly

We involve business stakeholders, data and end- customers early on in our process to assure viability, feasibility and desirability


Develop and deploy micro-services seamlessly in core business

We accelerate innovation by applying the newest technologies seamlessly integrated


Focus on autonomy, growth and continuous learning

We partner to integrate solutions in ways of working and apply scale to our concepts across clients to improve